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Discover the secret to our sushi.

10 Dec 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets

Ever wondered how Sushi Daily makes delicious sushi every single day? There’s so many different things that make up who we are. From our roots in Asian food and culture, our freshly sourced ingredients and of course, our highly trained artisans, there’s more to us to than meets the nori. Here’s five crucial things that make Sushi Daily, Sushi Daily.

A legacy of Asian culture

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved fish and had a delicious dream of making hand crafted sushi. This little girl was our founder, Kelly Choi, who, one day convinced the sushi master, Yamamoto San to teach her the art of sushi making. He helped Kelly master hundreds of years of culinary traditions while perfecting her knife skills which led to the first Sushi Daily kiosk to open and ever since then, everything we do has been rooted in the rich traditions of our Asian heritage.

Trained by the best

To get Yamamoto San’s attention, Kelly had to stand outside his shop day after day. She even waited in the rain. It was only when he saw that she was truly committed, that Yamamoto agreed to teach her. And boy did Kelly learn quick. She learnt to prepare the whole fish (not pre-sliced portions) and how to use bone for miso broth to make sure not to waste any parts of the produce.

Crafted by connoisseurs

Kelly handed down the legacy and skills she learnt from Yamamoto San so the artisans could help craft the most delicious sushi in the world. Now, inside every kiosk you’ll find a team of highly trained kitchen connoisseurs, with razor sharp knife skills, who have mastered the art of Asian food. So, if you ever wondered why it tastes so good our artisans are the answer.

Freshly sourced

No matter how good you are at preparing the food, the ingredients play the biggest role in flavour. That’s why all Sushi Daily kiosks source the finest ingredients from the fish right down to the last grain of rice. We’re also committed to responsibly sourcing fresh sushi-grade fish from transparent partners that keep the welfare of fish as their highest priority.

Closer than you think

Together with our artisans, Kelly and Yamamoto San are improving the Sushi-offering across Europe one kiosk at a time. Have you ever looked up how far you are from a Sushi Daily? Maybe it’s just around the corner from you? Just down the road from your gym, your workplace, your mum's house. Wherever you are, a Sushi Daily kiosk is never too far away. Find out here.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved fish and had a delicious dream of making hand crafted sushi.

10 Dec 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets