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Ever wondered how Sushi Daily makes delicious sushi every single day? There’s so many different things that make up who we are. From our roots in Asian food and culture, our freshly sourced ingredients and of course, our highly trained artisans, there’s more to us to than meets the nori. Here’s five crucial things that make Sushi Daily, Sushi Daily.

Discover the secret to our sushi

Even though our 'secret rice recipe’ is protected under lock and key, you don’t have to be a trained artisan to make succulent sushi rice. It just takes a little craftmanship. Lucky for you our artisans have shared their tips on the best way to make sushi rice extra tasty at home:

Sushi Rice: Easier than it looks. Make sushi rice like an artisan.

It was under the expert guidance of Sushi-master, Yamamoto San, that our founder, Kelly learnt how to source fish of the highest quality so that it’s safe to eat raw. To help you make your own sushi at home, here’s 5 quick tips about sushi-grade fish.

Sushi-grade fish. Explained.

Prepare to be shocked. Not only did Italians not invent spaghetti, but the Japanese can’t lay claim to the invention of sushi.

Sushi doesn’t come from Japan

To the unknowing, the world of sake can be just as bewildering as the world of fine wine. It’s a creation of delicate balance, involving centuries of cultivation and generations of experience.

Sake Basics