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Sushi Artisans are the pride of Sushi Daily. In kiosks across Europe, they channel their passion into their craft, sharing it with delighted customers every day.


If you want to be one of our sushi artisans you need commitment, a passion for food and an interest in working with your hands. Our in-deph training will do the rest.

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So, for starters you should know we’re the No.1 sushi operator in Europe which means you’re joining a network of kiosks, artisans and companies that covers 12 countries spanning large parts of Europe and beyond. This also means as one of our Artisans you can expect to:


  • Belong to a community. All our Artisans will have been on your journey and be there to share it with you.


  • Master your craft. We’re talking all the training and support you need to get to the top of your game. 


  • Specialise with exclusive recipes and limited- edition products.
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Become an Artisan

If you wish to apply, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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