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Our Story

Sushi Daily brings the finest quality, Happily Handmade Sushi to convenient locations around the world. Found in supermarkets and travel hubs, our kiosks are home to highly skilled and creative Sushi Artisans who make fresh and delicious sushi right before your eyes. With over 1000 kiosks across the world, we entertain and delight thousands of customers every day.

It all started with a promise: Sushi Daily’s founder Kelly Choi promised her mentor and Master of Sushi, Yamamoto-San, that convenience and quality could go hand-in-hand and that Sushi Daily would always strive to make the best sushi in the world. Using only the finest ingredients and training only the most passionate sushi chefs, Kelly and Yamamoto-San set about improving the sushi offering in Europe, one kiosk at a time


We are proud of what we do, which is why we do it in front of your eyes every day. Our Happily Handmade Sushi is made as it should be - with the freshest ingredients and great skill.

With a respect for tradition and an excitement for innovation, our Sushi Artisans are trained to prepare over 100 recipes from scratch, on-site every day. Using carefully sourced ingredients combined with new and ancient techniques, their food is a work of art, so find your Sushi Daily and try a masterpiece for yourself.

Sushi Daily’s founder Kelly Choi promised her mentor and Master of Sushi, Yamamoto-San, that convenience and quality could go hand-in-hand.
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Each morning, your Sushi Daily kiosk starts with an empty fridge, because good sushi should be made fresh and eaten fresh. From the rice to the maki rolls, our Sushi Artisans prepare and hand-make our delicious boxed sushi on-site each day, ensuring you get the highest possible quality. If you can’t see your favourite, just ask and we’ll make it for you there and then.

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It takes a lot of skill to make sushi, so our Artisans undertake rigorous and technical training. They have been taught by the best, which shows in the passion and skill that goes into every delicious masterpiece they make.


In order to maintain our high-quality products and service, we regularly carry out audits to ensure we continue to provide the best food standard from supply chain to kiosk. We adhere to national and international food safety criteria and employ Food Safety specialists to make sure we’re always following the best standards.

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When the finest grade of fish and vegetables are used for sushi and sashimi, the taste and experience is something to celebrate; this is why we never compromise on the ingredients we use. Our fish is carefully selected for our recipes and our trusted suppliers deliver to our kiosks seven days a week. All our fish are responsibly caught, including our line-caught tuna.

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crunch salmon, verde maki salmon and california roll

At Sushi Daily, there’s something for everyone. We have over 100 recipes, with and without raw fish, vegetarian, vegan and meat options. We look forward to serving you a quick, fresh bite or helping you make entertaining easy with an impressive sushi platter.

For the classic sushi-lover we offer traditional Maki rolls, Sashimi and Nigiri and for the curious, we’ve created a number of signature recipes which have proven to be great crowd pleasers; our most popular Crunch roll was created by our very own founder, Kelly and will not disappoint.

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Alongside our fresh sushi boxes, we sell a wide selection of Japanese and Asian products for you to enjoy at home. From snacks and sauces to speciality drinks, your Sushi Daily kiosk is the place to go for hard-to-find Asian cooking items.

We want to share our passion for sushi-making, so we offer all the tools you need to make sushi at home. Find rolling mats, nori, rice and more at our kiosks. Start making sushi in your own kitchen.