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Sushi rice: easier than it looks. Make sushi rice like an artisan.

15 Nov 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets

Even though our secret 'rice recipe’ is protected under lock and key, you don’t have to be a trained artisan to make succulent sushi rice. It just takes a little craftmanship. Lucky for you our artisans have shared their tips on the best way to make sushi rice extra nice at home:

It just takes a little craftmanship.

We recommend using a rice cooker, but it still works using the stovetop method.


- Sushi rice.
- White/Brown rice vinegar
- 1 lemon
- Sugar
- Salt


  1. Measure out 1-2 cups of rice and place them in your rice cooker bowl.
  2. Rinse rice 3-4 times until the water is clear. Then drain.
  3. Add 2.25 cups of water to every 1 cup of rice. Eg. 2 cups rice = 4.5 cups of water.
  4. Add 1 tsp of sunflower oil, a tiny pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. (Add a little more relative to how much rice you’re cooking). Turn the rice cooker on.
  5. Ping! The cooker is done. Let your rice rest for 15 mins. Beauty takes time.
  6. Place your rice into a large tupperware or wide tray and remove any overcooked rice.
  7. Add a dash of rice vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice and mix the sushi so it's evenly seasoned. Cover for 20 min and mix again.
  8. Once your sushi rice is cool, it’s ready and delicious.

15 Nov 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets