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Sushi-grade fish. Explained.

10 Oct 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets

1. Terrific tuna.

As one of the oldest sushi ingredients, tuna is the most common sushi-grade fish, in fact, all tuna varieties are safe to eat raw, if they’re caught, stored, and prepared correctly. 


2. Frozen Fresh. 

It’s important to buy a whole fish that has been caught quickly, gutted, and iced immediately. Keeping the fish frozen prevents bacteria from creeping in and preserves freshness. 


3. Sushi-grade fish is ethical fish.

Our salmon suppliers must meet the highest animal welfare standards. Things like 2% of salmon to 98% water and using only sustainably sourced fish food. 


4. Look for the signs. 

Sushi-grade fish should be nice and bright in colour, with clear and slightly bulged eyes, red gills, firm flesh, and intact scales. 


5. Meet your monger. 

Don’t be afraid to double-check the facts from your local fishmonger. It’s better to spend a little more time and a little more money so you know your fish is up to sushi grade. Plus, it will taste better too.  





10 Oct 2022
Sushi Daily Secrets