5 street food dishes you should definitely try

20 Sep 2023
Sushi Daily Secrets

Available until Sunday 12th November.

From irresistible gyozas, to mouth-watering tempura-battered prawns, some of the tastiest street foods in the world find their origins in Asia.

At Sushi Daily, we’ve tasted all the street food classics from all around Asia and compiled our favourites into a delicious new range called ‘Feel Good Feast’. So, without any further ado, here’s our top 5 picks from our new menu, to help kickstart your journey into Asian-style flavour-packed snacks.

Katsu Curry Roll

This fusion of crispy, breaded chicken katsu and warm Japanese curry sauce will make your taste buds singing. The perfect combination of crunch and savoury flavour. Oh and did we mention it’s all wrapped in a sushi? Yup.

Tempura Popcorn Roll

This funky sushi creation brings together the crunch of bite-sized tempura prawn with sushi like you’d never imagine. Basically a veggie sushi roll but with a crunchy popcorn prawn on top. Making for a mouth-watering and satisfying lunch.

Kimchi Rice Maki:

Spice up your lunchtime with this Korean-inspired maki roll. Imagine kimchi rice rolled inside nori and topped with spicy mayo to create a delightful blend of tangy and umami flavours that will leave you craving more.

Korean Pork Gyoza

Put some fire in your belly with these flavourful dumplings. Stuffed with tender, spicy Korean pork, and pan-fried to perfection, these dumplings are a magic feast that's perfect for a quick and satisfying lunch. On-the-gyozas, anyone?

Pork Gyoza on Kimchi Rice

Elevate your gyoza game with the spicy, flavourful goodness of Korean pork gyozas served on a bed of tangy kimchi rice. This dish is a street food lover's dream come true.

Go on. Kick your cravings to the curb and enjoy a unique, street food inspired lunch today. With banging dishes crafted on the daily by trained artisans, try Sushi Daily’s Feel Good Feast today. Your taste buds deserve it. So do you.


20 Sep 2023
Sushi Daily Secrets