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When you think sushi, you probably picture maki. It’s fish or vegetables and sushi rice layered and rolled up in nori (that’s a sheet of seaweed).

Make this simple but incredibly delicious handmade sushi at home with Kelly's recipe.  

Sushi Rolls
Maki & Rolls

Tips from Kelly

  • Prep your ingredients
  • Try authentic fillings like tuna or cucumber
  • Wet your knife before you cut up your maki to make it easier to slice
  • Sushi storage: Best served as soon as you finish rolling it. But you can keep your sushi fresh for a whole day in the fridge, if you can resist it.


  • 80g sushi rice
  • 35g of your favourite filling (think tuna, cucumber, salmon, avocado)
  • 1 sheet of nori