Rolled with natural colours and flavours 

(yeah, really)

Enjoy the brightest sushi on earth. It’s beautiful, delicious and 100% natural. We’ve searched the world for the most colourful ingredients. Ruby red beetroot from the earth, deep blue spirulina from the lakes and rivers, purple açai from Brazil, yuzu from Spain, turmeric from India and matcha from Japan. Ready to go from ‘roll’ to ‘woah’? Give them a try today.

Blue Spirulina
Growing wild in lakes and rivers, blue spirulina gets its characteristic colour from Phycocyanin, a deep blue pigment. Naturally rich in protein and B vitamins, blue spirulina also detoxifies cadmium and lead from the body.
Loved by chefs all over the world, yuzu is the classic Japanese citrus. We get ours from a farmer in Valencia where they grow on original Japanese trees. It tastes like a cross between lime and pink grapefruit and is bursting with vitamin C.
Acai isn’t that well known in Europe, but it’s an everyday food in Brazil. It’s a tiny, dark purple fruit that grows in the Amazon. With plenty more antioxidants than blueberries, they’re what you might call a superfruit.
Ruby red, rich and sweet, beetroot is now available as a powder. High in nitrates and full of fibre, it’s a natural choice for Sushi Daily.
You usually find turmeric in Indian food, not Japanese, but the flavour works so well. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants too.
Another famous Japanese ingredient, matcha has always made delicious tea. These days its earthy flavour is used in everything from chocolate bars to ice cream. We couldn’t resist wrapping our avocado maki in this delicate green shade.
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