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Sushi-related world records
At last! We’re here to answer all your burning questions about sushi’s ‘biggests’ and ‘best’. From the amount of gold-wrapped nigiri to the number of rice grains eaten, here are ten weird and wonderful world records. 

1. What: The longest sushi roll 

It contained daikon radish and sesame

It measured 2,845m

Who: Tamana Otawara Festival Executive Committee (nearly 400 people)

Where: Tamana City Labor Athletic Center, in Tamana, Kumamoto, Japan

When: 20th November 2016

2. What: The most expensive sushi 

5 pieces of nigiri covered in gold and diamonds. 

It cost $1,978

Who: Angelito Araneta Jr.

Where: The Philippines

When: 28th June 2010

3. What: The largest sushi ‘mosaic’

56.5m² of sushi

Who: Leonardo Figeroa Aguilar and a lot of Norwegians

Where: Aspmyra Stadion, Bodo, Norway

When: 18th September 2016

4. What: Most norimaki made in two minutes

12 made

Who: Joakim Lundblad

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: 25th November 2001

5. What: World’s largest (and busiest) fish market

660,000 tonnes of fish a year

The market sells over $2.7m of fish a day!

Who: Tsukiji fish market

Where: Tokyo, Japan (although it looks like it’s going to move)

6. What: Most expensive fish sold

222kg Bluefin tuna


(That’s $8,000/kg, more than 8x the price of silver)

Who: Kiyoshi Kimura of Sushi Zanmai 

Where: Tsukiji fish market

When: January 2013

7. What: Most nigiri eaten in six minutes

141 pieces eaten

Who: Tim ‘Eater X’ Janus

Where: San Francisco, USA

When: 11th April 2008

It’s also worth noting that Tim ‘Eater X’ Janus also holds the world record for eating the most ramen noodles with chopsticks. It took him 8 minutes to eat 4.76kg of ramen in October 2007. Which just about beat our effort last Thursday.


8. What: Most rice balls eaten in 30 minutes

150 balls eaten (9kg) 

Who: Takeru Kobayashi 

Where: ‘Food Battle Club’, Japanese TV show

Takeru Kobayashi also holds the soba noodle eating title, for eating 9.66kg of noodles in 12 minutes. 

9. What: Most grains of rice eaten with a chopstick in a minute

23 eaten

Who: Rob Beaton

Where: New York, USA

When: 12th November 2008

10. What: The largest onigiri (rice ball) made


Who: Nakanoshima Noukyou Festival

Where: Niigata, Japan

When: 1988

And last, but not least…

What: The most people hugging soft toys simultaneously

257 people

Who: Staff, cast and fans of ‘Yokai-Watch’ the movie

Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: November 2016

Thank you, record-breakers, for making the world a little brighter. We salute you!

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