Sushi Daily brings the finest quality, Happily Handmade Sushi to convenient locations around Europe. Found in supermarkets and travel hubs, our kiosks are home to highly skilled and creative Sushi Artisans who make fresh and delicious sushi right before your eyes. With over 700 kiosks in 10 countries, we entertain and delight thousands of customers every day.


We are proud of what we do, which is why we do it in front of your eyes every day. Our Happily Handmade Sushi is made as it should be - with the freshest ingredients and great skill.


KellyDeli is changing the future of healthy and high-quality Asian-inspired food. As the parent company of Sushi Daily, we operate 700 kiosks across Europe, serving fresh and skilfully handmade sushi on site to thousands of happy customers each day.
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