Our Brand
KellyDeli is changing the future of healthy and high-quality Asian-inspired food.

As the parent company of Sushi Daily, we operate 700 kiosks across Europe, serving fresh and skilfully handmade sushi on site to thousands of happy customers each day.

Sushi Daily was the brainchild of entrepreneur and sushi-enthusiast Kelly Choi and her mentor, internationally renowned Master of Sushi Yamamoto-San.

Together they vowed to combine a high-quality sushi experience with maximum customer convenience – a new concept for Europe – and in 2010 the first Sushi Daily kiosk was opened in Lyon, France.

Starting off with an empty fridge each morning, our Sushi Artisans use the finest ingredients to hand-make a menu of over 100 recipes. Freshly-made to be eaten that day, our boxed sushi combines quality with customer accessibility.

From sushi rice to original Maki rolls, salads to sweet treats, every bite reveals the training, skill and passion of our enthusiastic and experienced teams.

With a focus on natural and healthy ingredients, the menu respects tradition whilst embracing innovation and experimentation. From classics to signature products such as our Crunch and Verde recipes, there is something for everyone.

Alongside fresh sushi boxes, Sushi Daily also retails specialist drinks, Asian snacks and hard-to-find cooking ingredients to continue the enjoyment at home.

Sushi Daily is the European leader in full service sushi kiosks, with over 700 operating across 10 countries including Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the UK and Sweden.

Our Sushi Artisans work in open and integrated kitchens within partner retailers to create theatre, maximise use of floor space and add value to customers’ shopping experience.

For more information on working with KellyDeli, click here.

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