Sushi Snacking

Sushi Snacking
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Introducing….. our new Sushi Snaking range – Sushi you can eat on the go without chopsticks!

The Crunchy Sushi Sandwich

Triki, otherwise known as an Onigiri in Japan, is currently a huge trend as it’s a great Sushi snack for on the go!

We have just launched 3 new tasty Triki recipes using our Genmaï brown rice;

  • Chicken Crunch with Spicy Mayonnaise
  • Tuna Mayonnaise with Edamame, Onions and Chives
  • Smoked Salmon with Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Chives

When people first see the Triki packaging, they think ‘how am I going to open and eat this?’ – Well it’s easy, just follow these instructions….


See! How easy was that!? Now you’re a natural!

Sushi Wrap

As well as our Triki products, we have also launched 4 tasty Sushi Wraps to enjoy without chopsticks which also uses our Genmaï brown rice;

  • Veggie
  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Tuna mayonnaise

Head down to your local Sushi Daily Kiosk and grab yourself a natural Sushi Snack today!

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