Sushi Party

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Hello everybody,

Here it is, summer has arrived and potentially some well-deserved holidays. Off I’ll go to the beach, have lunch in the sun and enjoy late evenings! I can already see myself relaxing at the seaside, buried in a very good book.

I have to say I absolutely love the book ‘Soirée Sushi’ by Agnès Abecassis, published by Calmann-Levy. I never tire of this novel, a novel that reminds me of my very own ‘Sushi evenings’ with friends. We order a platter of maki or California and we tell each other this week’s anecdotes, unload our worries, who are our crushes and most importantly we have a laugh!

Agnès Abecassis is a writer with many hats, journalist, illustrator and television writer. In this novel she has a real knack of taking a comic look at our daily lives. Rebecca and her friends, who are recently divorced or already single, get together for a sushi evening. We laugh at each one’s quirks, their stories and funny diversions. At the end of the day, all these women are like us, together in a book with a very theatrical style, with the following programme: stories about girls, cutting comebacks, an offbeat tone when talking about men, kids… or to put it simply, daily life, spicy like a wasabi sauce.




And as I’m a big fan of food, I’ll feast on a platter of Sushi Daily while I’m reading. Freshly bought at a stall in my holiday town, I’ll happily give in to a Verde Shrimp Roll. Surrounded by rice paper and salad, delicate and light like a spring roll, it’s time to tuck in to this Verde. This is my moment of freshness! And for a ‘wahoo’ effect, a new Tataki recipe including some tuna, wahoo* and salmon. Mixed with fruits, the Sushi Daily Tataki innovation is my summer staple.

Now, I think I’m ready. Just need to find my summer hat and sandals, but that’s another matter.

See you soon!

*king mackerel