We are proud of our Sushi

In order to offer you incomparable freshness, our Sushi is always prepared freshly at our Sushi Kiosks which includes cooking our signature Sushi rice and preparing fresh quality fish and vegetables.

Our high quality fresh fish, which is carefully selected for our Sushi, is delivered to our Kiosks daily. We also like to ensure that we do not use protected species and therefore only believe in using long line caught tuna.

Quality is our number one priority

Our Sushi is always fresh and made in front of you every day, to be eaten the same day. We carry out around 2,500 strict internal and external food safety audits annually. We also conduct product and surface analysis bi-monthly so we can guarantee our products are safe.

Our Sushi Daily Kiosks must comply with a number of food safety standards which includes traceability of all our products, internal and external audits, daily kiosk reports and around 23,000 of regular product analysis per year. All of these are conducted in order to ensure our products are safe to eat.

At Sushi Daily, we also employ 10 food technologists who give advice on food process, food safety and legislation.

We have Sushi for any occasion!

You can choose from over 100 sushi recipes, with or without raw fish, chicken or vegtable. For your love of sushi, we offer traditional Maki, Sashimi, Nigiri or Temaki recipes, but also our own original creations that will surprise you, such as our Crunch Cali Roll, created by Sushi Daily’s founder Kelly.

We sell individual sushi packs suitable for your lunch or sushi platters for your friends and family dinner parties. Whatever your occasion, you’ll always find a Sushi Daily offer that is perfect for you!

More than Sushi…

At our Sushi kiosks, you will also find an exclusive selection of Japanese and Asian inspired products, including imported sodas, Yuzu beer, sauces and of course, all you need to make your own sushi.