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For this first post, I’d like to share some information and tips with you on a subject that’s particularly dear to my heart… Sushi of course!

Spotlight on my favourite kind of food ūüėČ

First, a little history!
(But just so you can play the “great connoisseur” in company!)

A veeery long time ago (five hundred years BC, to be exact), people used to layer fish and rice in pots and leave it to ferment to preserve the raw fish for longer. But they didn’t eat the rice, they just threw it away. In the 17th century, the Japanese had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadding vinegar to the rice to accelerate the process. Gradually, people got used to the combination of the two ingredients. That’s the story of the birth of sushi as we know it today.

The French are the biggest Sushi Lovers in Europe!

The French are the biggest consumers of sushi in Europe, so they say…
Since I’ve been looking into this subject a bit, this is my theory: sushi is healthy, tasty and easy to eat in a hurry and is, therefore, ideally suited to our increasingly busy lifestyles. We’re either too lazy or too busy to prepare meals. What’s more, you can eat it with a clear conscience because raw fish and rice is better for our waistlines than burgers.

There’s a type of sushi for everyone!

Are you a fan of prawns, chicken or tamago (Japanese omelette)? Do you prefer it with or without raw fish? Do you prefer wasabi or ginger? (Try it with both, I think it’s even better!). There really is something for everyone.

My tips on how to spot the best sushi.

You can spot good sushi by the way it’s prepared. If you’re lucky, it should be made before your eyes by an experienced craftsman. First clue? The quality of the ingredients, which should be fresh from the morning market. Two mega-important criteria¬† are the way it looks and the way it smells. Another little tip for the road (just because it’s you) – watch for the skill of the craftsman! The movements should be precise and concentrated in order to get well-filled and perfectly rolled sushi. That’s it! Feeling peckish? :)

Also, if you want to surprise your guests, get them to try the new Genma√Ź recipes with brown rice, available from Sushi Daily kiosks. Let me know how it goes so I can tell anyone who hasn’t tried it yet…

What about you? How do you like your sushi?