A rip-RAWING success?

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My raw-sauce summer.

During my summer break, I had the chance to meet up with some old friends and enjoy a good cocktail. One of my best friends, who had just returned from the Côte d’Azur, looked fantastic: he was slimmer and had a very healthy glow. Was it due to the summer sun or his leisurely holiday? Even if lounging around certainly had something to do with it, he explained to me that his raw food diet had done him wonders.

Raw food on the menu

The raw food diet, as its name suggests, involves only eating uncooked food. I burst out laughing: “Cool, I’m going to eat as much tuna tartare and Sashimi as I want as well then!” My friend smiled and explained to me that there are lots of options when you’re on this diet, and that it is mostly made up of fresh fruit and vegetables. He is already a vegan, so doesn’t eat any animal products, but with some raw food diets up to 25% of your food intake can be raw meat and fish.

The Raw Food diet

The Raw Food diet was brought over from California and is more extreme if you exclude animal products. A diet of this type has the advantage of preserving our food’s nutritious potential by retaining the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the food that we eat. Why is that, you ask? Because these highly nutritious foods might be altered or no longer be of benefit to the body when they are exposed to high temperatures or heated for an excessively long time. Raw foodism is a healthy trend that preserves the nutrients in our food that the body needs to stay healthy.



In this diet, the foods of choice are sprouted seeds and oilseeds as well as freshly-picked fruit and vegetables. This immediately made me think of the limited-edition Tataki dish that Sushi Daily recently launched: tender slices of fish that are raw in the middle and are decorated with a stunning combination of fresh fruits, which add a lovely touch of acidity.

Sushi Daily’s role in this trend

This general trend is driven by a host of Japanese recipes for salads and raw fish dishes, such as cabbage or wakame salads, Sashimi and Chirashi. The dishes offered by Sushi Daily are of a very high quality and the chain regularly launches new creations that entice many a gourmet food lover.



My “raw” shopping basket:

After my evening out, I was intrigued by this trend and decided to quietly write my shopping list for the following day’s market so I can try to go “raw” for a few days. I am going to buy a basketful of green vegetables, red cabbage, nori leaves, oilseeds, dry fruit and cereal.

And of course, if I fancy some raw fish, there is only one option: rush down to my local Sushi Daily kiosk! And if I am not too late, I might be lucky enough to pick up a tray of Tataki!

Until the next time!